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SREcon16 - Putting Together Great SRE Teams

Kripa Krishnan, Google What kinds of people make up a great SRE team? This talk explores whether SRE just means software/systems engineers, and what ...

2016-05-20 42:02 2,627

Growing Up with Yasmine and Tom - interactive SRE for primary schools

Meet Yasmine and Tom - they're here to teach children aged 5-11 all about the body, growing up, feelings, staying safe online and much more. Growing Up with ...

2014-06-26 01:53 21,742

Keys to SRE

Ben Treynor Presented at SREcon14.

2014-06-26 55:04 13,840

Love DevOps? Wait until you meet SRE - Atlassian Summit 2015

A crucial transition is taking place at Atlassian... we can feel our DNA evolving a little each day. Our focus is always on the future, and that future will mean ...

2016-01-18 30:18 2,167

Kmao Sre Sung by Preap Sovath

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2015-01-27 03:41 6,581