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SREcon16 - Putting Together Great SRE Teams

Kripa Krishnan, Google What kinds of people make up a great SRE team? This talk explores whether SRE just means software/systems engineers, and what ...

2016-05-20 42:02 2,241

Growing Up with Yasmine and Tom - interactive SRE for primary schools

Meet Yasmine and Tom - they're here to teach children aged 5-11 all about the body, growing up, feelings, staying safe online and much more. Growing Up with ...

2014-06-26 01:53 20,400

Keys to SRE

Ben Treynor Presented at SREcon14.

2014-06-26 55:04 13,094

SRE@Google: Thousands of DevOps Since 2004

Thomas A. Limoncelli, Google NYC Tom will describe technologies and policies that Google uses to do what is (now) called DevOps. Google doesn't just ...

2012-01-13 45:58 10,355

MA OM SRE (Preap Sovath)

2012-01-02 03:43 67,764