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SREcon16 - Putting Together Great SRE Teams

Kripa Krishnan, Google What kinds of people make up a great SRE team? This talk explores whether SRE just means software/systems engineers, and what value other roles bring to a team. How...

2016-05-20 42:02 3,119

Life of an SRE at Google - JC van Winkel - Codemotion Rome 2017

We've all heard about DEVOPS and companies adopting DEVOPS tactics and strategies. But how can we limit the inherent tension and resulting conflicts between DEV and OPS side? That is bad for

2017-04-24 42:15 1,041

Keys to SRE

Ben Treynor Presented at SREcon14.

2014-06-26 55:04 14,852

Love DevOps? Wait until you meet SRE - Atlassian Summit 2015

A crucial transition is taking place at Atlassian... we can feel our DNA evolving a little each day. Our focus is always on the future, and that future will mean rallying behind a cloud-firs

2016-01-18 30:18 2,833

SREcon16 - Panel: Who/What Is SRE?

Moderator: Jennifer Petoff, Google Panelists: Jeremy Carroll, Pinterest; Andrew Fong, Dropbox; Niall Murphy, Google; Craig Sebenik, Matterport; Blake Scrivner, Netflix; Brian Smith, Facebook

2016-05-27 56:17 1,681