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Jesus, Harris and Tam Chris - Standup Comedy by Alex

Hope you enjoy this musical standup act from 'the Yogi and the Bear' show. Musical standup acts are always quite special as they pour in so much energy.

2017-08-11 11:56 1,973,261

Wendy Li & Alex Tam's wedding - Friends

Wendy Li, Alex Tam, Joyce Wong, David Quah, Jovita Leung, Ernest Quah, Ines Quah, Tim Wong, Kenneth Tjon, Slash Wang, Kenny Lin, Cindy Ho, Unison ...

2010-07-02 10:51 2,983

Mamas, Minorities and Music - Standup comedy by Alex

The end of 2016 is here! We know it's been tough. So what better way to end it than with some laughs?! Our last standup video for 2016 - and it's a hilarious ode ...

2016-12-28 04:18 1,364,636

Alex tam-tam

2013-04-01 00:44 49

Pedro Paulo & Alex - Modo Dá-Nada

Clique e ouça a música: https://umusicbrazil.lnk.to/ParedaoPPAYD SIGA PEDRO PAULO & ALEX: http://www.pedropauloealex.com.br ...

2018-03-30 02:40 3,835,746