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Brian Hull

Stitch Couldn't Believe His Ears! - Disney World Impressions

Stitch couldn't believe the impressions he was hearing...and farted while we were taking the picture, lol! Went back to Disney World and met TONS of characters!

2018-05-08 05:33 2,780,779

Doing Impressions to Characters at Disneyland

I always wondered, how the Disney characters at the park would react to my impressions, and they didn't disappoint! Enjoy all the madness!! SUBSCRIBE to ...

2017-01-20 05:49 4,366,237

Disney and Pixar Sings Remember Me

Another Disney and Pixar Sings but this time, singing the song from Pixar's newest hit Coco, Remember Me! Accompaniment by Cole Jenkins Mail me! P.O. Box ...

2018-03-20 02:00 773,038

Jack and Sally Thought I Ate Disney Characters! - Disneyland Impressions

A Special Halloween Disneyland Impression Video meeting the Queen of Hearts, Cruella Deville, and Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, ...

2017-10-10 05:31 3,752,312

Dancing with Star Lord and Groot - Disney World Impressions

My Last Disney World Impressions from the trip I took in May. Man I met a lot of characters! Lol! Can't wait to go back and film some more! Here we met Aladdin ...

2018-06-29 06:01 182,509