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Celldweller - "Electric Eye" (Official Lyric)

Electronic-Rock artist/producer Celldweller is back with a new single, "Electric Eye." This drum & bass track, full of chugging guitar stabs, aggressive synths and ...

2017-02-23 05:24 155,355

Celldweller - The Great Divide (Official Lyric)

Offworld, Celldweller's fourth vocal-based studio album departs from the project's signature sound of aggressive guitars, blasting beats and ass-kicking intensity ...

2017-06-30 05:18 134,648

Celldweller - The Imperial March (Star Wars Cover)

This IS the song you're looking for. Celebrating May the Fourth, Celldweller and Star Wars finally collide with Klayton's take on the famed “Imperial March.

2015-05-04 03:09 1,576,785

Celldweller - Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 02 (Full album)

2010-2012 FiXT Music. All Rights Reserved Tracklist: 01. First Person Shooter 0:00:00 02. Earth Scraper 0:02:51 03. The Wings of Icarus (featuring James ...

2013-12-15 15:32 249,343

Celldweller - Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)

Song: Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked) Album: End of an Empire Artist: Celldweller Label: FiXT Time, Love, Dreams and Death - all four chapters have been unveiled.

2015-02-27 03:37 1,257,452