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Chris Rea - The road to hell (long version CD) HD

The road to hell (part 1) Stood still on a highway I saw a woman By the side of the road With a face that I knew like my own Reflected in my window Well she ...

2013-05-08 06:53 14,175,558

Chris Rea ~ Driving Home For Christmas (1986)

This great song by "Chris Rea" was first released in 1986 as a non album single, but it was not until 1988 that it got to number 53 in the UK singles chart, and it re ...

2014-12-05 04:03 16,607,229

Chris Rea - Looking For The Summer HD 720

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2010-10-20 05:03 21,665,495

Chris Rea - Road to Hell

Chris Rea - Road to Hell Photographer – © Solve Sundsbo Clip: Black Skulls Motorbike Crew; Ondria Hardin; Aamo Casting Songwriter – Chris Rea Album ...

2016-12-30 04:31 13,719,132

Chris Rea - Auberge

2012-05-21 04:43 2,261,313