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Fáj A Szivem

06 - Fáj a szívem

Legjobb zene a magyar!/06 - Fáj a szÃvem....mp3.

2009-12-08 04:31 3,569

What will humans look like in 100 years? | Juan Enriquez

We can evolve bacteria, plants and animals -- futurist Juan Enriquez asks: Is it ethical to evolve the human body? In a visionary talk that ranges from medieval prosthetics to present day ne

2016-12-15 15:46 1,027,816

Lets save the city -Experiment 42 -LPS -Episode 2

I hope you like it! I worked very hard on this DX If you want to translate the subtitles in your own language, click here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=k0sXnpha0UQ Now.

2014-10-16 30:28 2,138,173

Genius - The Movie

Like Us? https://www.facebook.com/TheGeniusMovie/ Follow Us: http://twitter.com/GeniusTheMovie Genius Merchandise: http://www.LivingWaters.com/Genius If you think you know everything there..

2012-12-05 34:05 813,627

Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane returns as writer, director and voice star of TED 2, Universal and Media Rights Capital's follow-up to the biggest original R-rated comedy of all time. Joined once again by..

2015-10-13 55:30 0