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Giu Per Il Tubo Razza Digita

QUEL BULLETTO DEL CARCIOFO - 59° Zecchino D'oro - Canzoni Animate

Testo: Serena Riffaldi Musica: Giuseppe De Rosa Interprete: Chiara Masetti Arrangiamento: Luca Orioli Regia: Alessio Giurintano Realizzazione: Jumon Studio Tecnica: 2D digitale Il carciofo..

2016-11-19 03:33 3,463,639

momondo – The DNA Journey

We asked 67 people from all over the world to take a DNA test. It turns out they have much more in common with other nationalities than they thought ... It's easy to think there are more...

2016-06-02 05:17 17,722,252

Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology | Neri Oxman | TED Talks

Designer and architect Neri Oxman is leading the search for ways in which digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world. Working at the intersection of computationa

2015-10-29 17:33 127,848

Pointing to the future of UI | John Underkoffler

http://www.ted.com Minority Report science adviser and inventor John Underkoffler demos g-speak -- the real-life version of the film's eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interfac

2010-06-01 15:54 418,486


Grease is the one that you want! Go back to high school with Pink Lady Sandy (Olivia Newton-John), leader of the bad-boy T-Birds, Danny (John Travolta), and a rockin' and rollin' all-star ca

2013-12-07 50:31 13,946