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Hozzad A PA!libkA!t


Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into ...

2019-02-17 12:30 7,921,540

Dream - Motivational

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2013-07-02 06:20 52,565,419

A Great Big World - Say Something ( cover by J.Fla )

You can stream all of my songs here; Spotify: http://bit.ly/JFla-Spotify Apple Music: http://bit.ly/ JFla-AppleMusic Amazon: http://bit.ly/JFla-Amazon Deezer: ...

2017-12-22 03:49 6,537,299

Isn't Everyone A Little Bit Autistic?

I hear this phrase everywhere. "Isn't everyone a little bit Autistic?", "oh, that's just my Autism", "We're all on the Spectrum somewhere, right?" - Short answer. No.

2019-04-05 10:00 4,301

The Rules for Rulers

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig_qpNfXHIU&list=PLqs5ohhass_QPOfhvhIzxas3Vr9k31Vaz&index=2 Grey discusses this video on Cortex: ...

2016-10-24 18:13 7,855,142