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Video Game High School (VGHS) - S2: Ep. 3

VGHS merch! http://shop.rocketjump.com Ki's Game! http://rocketjump.com Behind the scenes, interviews, podcasts, and more at rocketjump.com Get Behind the ...

2013-08-09 32:18 5,828,478

Ed Yong: Suicidal wasps, zombie roaches and other parasite tales

We humans set a premium on our own free will and independence ... and yet there's a shadowy influence we might not be considering. As science writer Ed ...

2014-03-26 13:15 224,282

Deborah Gordon: What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet

Ecologist Deborah Gordon studies ants wherever she can find them -- in the desert, in the tropics, in her kitchen ... In this fascinating talk, she explains her ...

2014-05-13 14:10 67,068

Anil Gupta: India's hidden hotbeds of invention

http://www.ted.com Anil Gupta is on the hunt for the developing world's unsung inventors -- indigenous entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hidden by poverty, could ...

2010-05-06 23:26 166,652

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Get a rare glimpse into the relationship between author A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson), creator of the beloved Winnie-the-Pooh stories, and his young son ...

2018-01-04 47:00 0