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Kazakistan Gezisi 1 - Aktöbe (Dimash'a Yolculuk)

Emre Yücelen Şan Dersi 2018 Emre Yücelen Vocal Coach Istanbul ------- Kıyafetler : KOTON ------- Web Sitesi : http://www.koton.com/ Web Sitelerim : Şan Dersi ...

2018-06-07 23:28 34,284

The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans

In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear ...

2015-07-09 06:20 6,127,820

Foods to Try in Taiwan (台灣)

When you hear about Taiwan travel, I'm willing to bet food quickly becomes part of the conversation. Taiwan is known as a foodie heaven because delicious ...

2018-08-14 09:45 13,942

Bulgogi stew in an earthenware pot (Ttukbaegi-bulgogi: 뚝배기불고기)

Now that winter is almost here, I'm going to show you a hearty, delicious, meaty dish called ttukbaegi-bulgogi (뚝배기불고기). It's a stew cooked in a Korean ...

2016-11-26 11:42 917,479

Sri Ramana Maharshi - JNANI 2018

Documentary on the great Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. Released publicly on 25th May 2018. If you enjoyed the film donations can be made via ...

2018-05-25 20:00 240,533