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How to Stay Out of Debt: Warren Buffett - Financial Future of American Youth (1999)

Buffett became a billionaire on paper when Berkshire Hathaway began selling class A shares on May 29, 1990, when the market closed at $7175 a share.

2013-05-03 59:40 2,111,700

Cloud Computing - Computer Science for Business Leaders 2016

caching, load balancing; containers, virtual machines; IAAS, PAAS, SAAS.

2016-03-29 26:01 73,772

Week 1, continued

Linux. C. Compiling. Libraries. Types. Standard output.

2015-09-15 52:50 171,238

Roswell Incident: Department of Defense Interviews - Jesse Marcel / Vern Maltais

Mac Brazel, who discovered the debris which sparked the Roswell UFO incident, died in 1963, well before researchers started to interview witnesses to the ...

2012-08-27 34:19 32,864

Calling All Cars: Muerta en Buenaventura / The Greasy Trail / Turtle-Necked Murder

The radio show Calling All Cars hired LAPD radio dispacher Jesse Rosenquist to be the voice of the dispatcher. Rosenquist was already famous because home ...

2012-12-24 28:22 192,480