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Llama Face

"Llama face!"

Clip from "The Emperor's New Groove" (inside joke between me and my beautiful angeleyes, tee hee)

2008-10-09 00:14 376,182

The Emperor's New Groove Pacha finds Kuzco HD

I do not own any rights to this movie or Disney.

2017-03-16 06:41 54,205

llama face

My Friend Bri Aldridge doing her LLAMA FACE!!!! Lmao... you just watch and remember to breathe.... HAHA.

2010-05-07 02:03 33,832

Jessica Cook - How To Do the Llama Face

Best ever. Not Mine. Vine profile here: http://seenive.com/u/909048031633088512.

2013-09-15 00:07 86,492

"Llama Face!" Kuzco finds out his what he truly looks like!

Imagine waking up and finding out you've changed, that's what happen to this guy, or should I say this Llama! Poor Kuzco, it's not all bad!

2010-09-07 00:15 92,468