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Luigi's Mansion 3DS - All Endings & Ranks + True Final Boss

This videos shows every unlockable ending in Luigi's Mansion including the true final boss in the hidden mansion and every Mansion Rank from Rank S to Rank ...

2018-10-18 17:44 75,861

Something About Luigi's Mansion ANIMATED 👻😱👻 (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)

Doesn't seem like Mario can speedrun this castle. Can Green Mario save him? Subscribe for more! And if you like it, please consider sharing and supporting my ...

2018-10-13 02:20 626,411

Luigi's Mansion - Launch Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

He's a lean, green, vacuuming machine! Suck up your fears and embark on a supernatural, comical quest to save Mario in Luigi's Mansion, out now for Nintendo ...

2018-10-19 03:18 320

Super Mario Party - Luigi Wins and Refuses to High Five his Teammates

Super Mario Party - Luigi Wins and Refuses to High Five his Teammates. This video shows you Luigi winning and refusing to give a high five. ▻SUPER MARIO ...

2018-10-18 04:39 6,734

Luigi's Mansion 3DS - Part 8: KING BOOSWER! (2 Player)

Welcome back to Let's Play Luigi's Mansion 3DS Co-op Multiplayer 2 Player game extravaganza. Today Gooigi and Luigi go on more adventures.

2018-10-18 23:55 5,801