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Pavarotti & Barry White - My first, my last, my everything

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2008-05-12 04:55 36,450,669

Top 10 goals Predators - Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Diego Costa

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2016-03-28 07:01 3,614

Harlem Shake v.15 (Yellowhammer Version)

This is a Six Pennies Studio production. This film is a satire portrayed as an Internet meme. All participants were volunteers. There is a difference between ...

2013-02-20 00:30 526

Nicky Jam ft. Alex Sensation - La Diabla (Lyrics/Letra) (Best Version)

Lyric video by Nicky Jam performing "La Diabla" featuring Alex Sensation. Released under license of Sony Music. Composed by: Saga WhiteBlack & Jhon Paul ...

2018-09-15 04:16 4,822,431

Nancy De Villiers Cuba Memories

A Nice little video we presented to my mom on her birthday. Childhood memories, and photos from her career as a professional dancer in Cuba, New York and ...

2011-02-26 05:49 338