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I React To My FIRST!

Because my channel recently celebrated its 8 Year Anniversary, I wanted to look back at my very first YouTube Video and react to it. I'm wearing a short sleeve ...

2019-02-26 16:34 243,630

Płyta Indukcyjna na 230V TEST obciążenia mocy z ograniczeniami

Zobacz test obciążenia instalacji elektrycznej przy standardowym używaniu płyty indukcyjnej i innych urządzeń. Gdy chcemy zainstalować płytę grzejną w ...

2017-06-03 14:03 85,277

The truth about Nyquist and why 192 kHz does make sense

I have been attacked quite heavily for claiming that we need higher sampling rates to increase the time resolution up to that of our auditory system. Time to ...

2016-08-12 10:33 58,574

Sonic's NEW BBLT Sandwich Review (BLT With Extra Bacon!)

Finishing the week I try the new BBLT Sandwich from Sonic. Standing for Bacon Bacon Lettuce Tomato, this sandwich is supposed to have 'tons' of bacon!

2019-04-05 12:18 84,462

Why Suits Are Disappearing

In this video I resurrect my Idle Mind Series of Lectures and take an in-depth look at the state of men's fashion, particularly suits. What happened? Please ...

2019-03-17 15:46 253,849