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Mr.busta Méreg

Week 0, continued

David explores what an algorithm is, demonstrates such with a few volunteers with some peanut butter and jelly, and a look at Scratch, a visual programming ...

2014-09-24 51:42 239,178

Paper Towns

When the eccentric girl next door runs away just before graduation, her lovesick neighbor sets out to find her. Toward that end, he tries to learn as much about ...

2015-10-07 49:07 0

Inside Job (2010)

Inside Job' is the first film to provide a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, which at a cost over $20 trillion, caused millions of people to ...

2013-12-12 48:39 0

Week 7

David begins talking about web-based technologies and protocols in preparation for web programming. Topics include, IP addressing, TCP, common ports, ...

2014-10-22 54:20 35,094

Week 8, continued

2013-10-31 49:03 17,805