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Muzsikas With A Fantastic Cimbalom Player

Muzsikas and Danubia: Minuntelu

Muzsikás plays together with Danubia Symphonic Orchestra, Minuntelu is the last movemenet of Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances.

2010-05-07 02:33 4,975

Magnificent cimbalom player

I've met this guy in 2013 in Athens, Greece, on the road up to Pantheon. He was extremely kind to let me shoot his performance closely, you may notice him ...

2013-08-04 00:51 538

Muzsikás with "Köles": Ugrós and Friss

Muzsikas rehearsal with village musician János Kovács "Köles" from Bogyiszló.

2010-05-06 03:33 1,945

Jazzy cimbalom player in Ljubljana

打弦楽器 ツィンバロム (cinbalom)をJazzyに奏でるストリートミュージシャン.スロベニアの首都Ljubljanaにて.

2015-06-17 03:13 1,309

Hungarian Cimbalom Player in Stuttgart 2012

The cimbalom is a concert hammered dulcimer: a type of chordophone composed of a large, trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top.

2012-12-21 00:50 2,041