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Saxon - Ride like the wind LYRICS ON SCREEN

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2012-06-19 04:30 198,994

Anglo-Saxon Invasion | 3 Minute History

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2017-05-23 04:14 37,163

The Anglo Saxon Invasion - History of Britain (BBC Documentary)

Fantastic and well-considered documentary by the noted scholar, Dr Francis Pryor. The names Cerdic, Ceawlin, Cedda and Caedwalla are not exactly Germanic ...

2015-06-21 48:42 593,646

Hans Zimmer, Do you think i'm a Saxon?

a Great score by HZ.

2008-01-22 08:45 410,274

Saxon vs German [FJvid004Een]

Don't learn the complicated German language, learn the speedy and condensed Saxon dialect! Here is one example for you... ;)

2007-12-08 01:05 18,160