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Sonata Arctica Letter óo Dana

Sonata Arctica - Letter To Dana - Piano Cover

Sonata Arctica's Letter to Dana on Piano, learned by ear. Rate and Comment, thank you. I always appreciate subscriptions. They somehow make me happy , because I feel that my work here...

2008-12-27 05:48 8,505

Sonata Arctica - Mary Lou - Shy - Letter to Dana - Live in Finland

Victoria´s Secret - Letter to Dana Acoustic, Live Tokoy 2004 and jam. Mary Lou - Shy - Letter To Dana. Sonata Arctica - Live em PT. Sonata Arctica - Letter to Dana (Lyrics) Song: Letter...

2017-08-17 11:12 23

Sonata Arctica ~ Letter to Dana solo cover

2016-10-12 00:27 201

Sonata Arctica Teatro Cariola 12-03-2015 - Letter of Dana (Fragmento)

Filmado desde Cancha.

2015-03-12 04:44 35

Letter to Dana solo (Sonata Arctica)

Slow and very nice guitar solo from the MEGA HUGE nordic band SONATA ARCTICA!! Hail Jani!

2007-03-14 00:39 3,654