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Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica - FullMoon

Sitting on a corner all alone, staring from the bottom of his soul, watching the night come in from the window It'll all collapse tonight, the fullmoon is here again In ...

2008-03-17 05:09 3,070,644

Sonata Arctica - Shy

Text to sonata arctica - shy.

2006-11-25 04:20 11,017,095

Sonata Arctica - Victorias Secret

Sonata Arctica - Victorias Secret SRY FOR THE WRONG IMAGE^^

2007-02-13 04:54 6,576,556

Sonata Arctica - Tallulah

Like this a lot! ( Edited ) here :P.

2007-02-19 05:23 9,842,252

Sonata Arctica - Replica

I'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door. I tried so hard to obey the law, see the meaning of it all. Remember me? Before the war. I'm the ...

2008-03-17 04:56 1,856,884