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Tool Ma K

Say-Mak hammer tool of the day

The New Say-Mak power hammer has been the main topic of discussion here at black Bear Forge for several weeks. But today it is ready to put to work. In this ...

2018-10-28 11:20 6,171

Schroeder Folding Machine MAK 4 with Automatic Tool Change

Visit: http://www.smdmachinery.com/technologies/ Socialize with us! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smdmachinery/ Facebook: ...

2014-08-13 04:37 2,509

Make Tool To Take Water From Groundwater

Hello Everyone, Today we make Tool To Take Water From Groundwater from bamboo Tube. And Next video we will to make tank to save water. Thank you for ...

2018-05-22 10:57 7,518,758

Mak - Knife Test in O1 Tool Steel

Stress test on a knife I made in O1 Tool Steel. Heat Treated in house. @themak5 https://instagram.com/themak5/ If you Like it, Click Like! If your friends would like ...

2015-03-22 04:05 23,027

Most FUNNY Makeup HACKS using WEIRD Tools - ऐसा Challenge कभी ना देखा होगा | Anaysa

We are back again with another interesting MAKEUP CHALLENGE and this time it got even more WEIRD as we'll try to do makeup using Kitchen & other Home ...

2018-11-12 09:08 2,823,398