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Tunyo Years

P.Mobil, Tunyó Years - Örökmozgó 1981[Audio]

P Mobil = Perpetuum Mobile Keep On Enjoyin'! :D.

2008-04-27 03:24 168,030

P.Mobil, Tunyó Years - Szerettél Már (Szamuráj) 1979 [Audio]

Tough tune.. From the vinyl original. I think I still got that promo card among my belongings... Zefi looks just unbelievable.

2008-04-27 04:10 197,848

P Mobil, Tunyó Years - Löj Rám!, live 1980 [Audio]

Löj Rám from a famous concert with HBB. Vilmos Sárvári seem to have been twistin the intro riff to sumfin'rock-ish enuff. (Sorry for spellin' earlier) LYRICS: Kint a ...

2008-05-28 04:19 13,736

P Mobil, Tunyó Years - Rock&Roll, live circa 1981 [Audio]

Ortodox rock and roll by the rebels (to note: the red t-shirt on P Mobil's founder Lóránt Schuster is a drift!!!!)

2008-05-28 03:58 4,825

P Mobil, Tunyó Years - MetalMánia, vinyl studio 1982 [Audio]

From Heavy Medal-LP.. Sorry for puttin' up too recent pics; but I actually dont have so many pictures from 82 plus felt in a rush to up this coz I wanted ya all to ...

2008-06-03 03:34 64,003