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Breaking2 | Documentary Special

After six months of scientifically advanced training, three of the world's most elite distance runners set out to break the two-hour marathon barrier. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubs

2017-09-21 55:01 1,989,344

***CARP FISHING TV*** DVD Carp Fishing Edges Vol. 4 FULL 3.5hrs Including Subtitles!

Carp Fishing Edges is back! Volume 4 brings you carp angling variety in abundance. The DVD is presented by Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott who also has his own section pitting his wits against the...

2016-07-04 40:50 216,805

Asia's rise -- how and when | Hans Rosling

http://www.ted.com Hans Rosling was a young guest student in India when he first realized that Asia had all the capacities to reclaim its place as the world's dominant economic force. At TED

2009-11-25 17:20 306,746

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

A number of allegations have been written about several investigations that have taken place related to the Mena Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in..

2012-06-23 53:54 1,426,372

Jailhouse Rock

"Everybody, let's rock!" Rock'n'roll legend Elvis Presley makes his feature film debut in this critically-acclaimed classic. While serving time for manslaughter, young Elvis is taught how to

2013-12-06 36:37 0