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I'm Sitting on Top of the World Played by Lee Sims on a US Player Piano Roll

This song comes from 1925 and has music by the great Ray Henderson, and lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and "Mighty" Joe Young. Interestingly, this song was used ...

2010-09-04 03:40 7,976

Pokemon World Championships 2017 VGC - Wolfe Glick vs Alex Underhill

Pokemon World Championships 2017 VGC Swiss Round 6B, Wolfe Glick vs Alex Underhill. 2017 Pokemon World Championships VGC Day 1; Swiss Round 1: ...

2017-08-19 32:53 18,396

Periodic Traveling Wave Motion as a Function of x AND t | Doc Physics

We develop an equation that accounts for the extent of a traveling wave through space and how that shape evolves as time goes on.

2012-10-22 10:33 67,914

Pokemon World Championships 2016: Senior VG Finals

2016 Pokemon World Championships Senior VG Finals! Carson Confer (US) vs Yuki Wata (JP) Junior VG Finals: ...

2016-08-21 26:34 219,405

Pokémon VGC '15 - Arnhem Regional Top 8 Game 1 vs Billa

Enjoy the video? Feel free to subscribe! http://bit.ly/BazAnderson ◅◅◅ ▻ Recorded by http://bit.ly/eiganjo ▻ Barry on Nugget Bridge http://bit.ly/NBBaz.

2015-02-21 10:02 1,435