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Astro Clap Clap

Astro Rocky & Jinjin Rap Battle - Clap Clap (TBC EP 5)

Twitter @AngelBeat97.

2015-08-24 01:50 69,079

ASTRO [JinJin and Rocky]- Clap Clap (Color Coded Lyrics~ Eng)

Hey everyone! Here's the lyric video for Clap Clap. I'm not sure what kind of video I'll make for next week, but look forward to something! Thanks for watching!

2017-10-08 02:13 3,176

Astro Moonbin - Go Back (TBC Ep 7)

Twitter : angelbeat97.

2015-08-26 01:11 81,690

150815 아스트로(ASTRO) 게릴라프리뷰 @홍대 라키(rocky) clap clap

막내라인[ASTRO BABY] @astrobaby_5959.

2015-08-26 02:04 11,306