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Blain Faces

Raise your glass - Blaine's faces and dances

Darren Criss can make amazing faces, don't you think so??

2011-05-15 00:56 1,860

David Blaine - Red Man

David Blaine does an effect with a dollar bill to a man dressed in red! Copyright David Blaine 1997 - 2011.

2011-07-15 01:46 431,073

Blaine makin faces

Blaine making some weird faces.

2012-02-08 01:40 45

A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum

For all those who love this song, the members of Procol Harum all love Peter Joseph's ideas, you should check him out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWSUGepuEoI Also see https://youtu.be/_

2007-09-09 04:01 85,255,907

Funny faces by blaine

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