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Elektron - Octatrack MKII

Loop, smudge, chop, sync, slide, lock, stretch, etc. https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack-mkii/ 0:50 - Overview 5:55 - Jam 1: Ambient loop 9:52 - Jam 2: ...

2017-10-06 17:15 142,936

Sonic LAB: The Big Elektron Digitakt

Cenk from Elektron came to give us a full look at the new Digitakt - the new sampling drum machine from Elektron We cover the good and the bad, as ever ...

2017-07-17 38:49 130,332

Elektron Digitone | Reverb Demo

Elektron Digitone's arsenal of built-in sounds and compact and friendly interface are just scratching the surface of the features musicians (professional and ...

2018-04-10 05:11 20,954

Elektron Analog Rytm mkII Review

I review the Elektron Rytm mkII for people new to Elektron gear, and those who are already familiar with their other boxes. Part 2 of this review can be found ...

2018-04-13 38:42 20,234

Co wie elektron?

Tym razem trochę o splątaniu. Bez wstawek. :)

2017-06-04 11:47 26,528