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Name Ke Hisab Se Pathar || ilm e Jafar || Numerology || ilm e abjad || Astrology || Mehrban Ali

Contact for #BrandPromotion +923003004211 نام کے حساب سے آپ کا لکی پتھر اور نمبر नाम से आपका भाग्यशाली पत्थर और

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Lucky Number By birth of month || Numerology || Astrology || ilm e Adad || In Urdu / Hindi

If you are looking for the Most Powerfull Rohani Wazaif and health tips, then this channel is for you. Lucky Number By birth of month || Numerology || Astrology ...

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Arabic is a code, not just a spoken language! || Why learn Grammar!?

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Star K Hisab Se Konsa Pather Ap K Liye Behtar He || Astrology || ilm e jafar || ilm e najoom

برج کے حساب سے آپ کے لیے کونسا پتھر بہتر ہے؟ Which stone is better for you? कौन सी पत्थर तुम्हारे लिए बेहत

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