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Week 0

Binary. ASCII. Algorithms. Pseudocode. Source code. Compiler. Object code. Scratch. Statements. Boolean expressions. Conditions. Loops. Variables.

2015-09-13 47:01 504,730

Week 2, continued

Casting. Imprecision. Switches. Scope. Strings. Arrays. Cryptography.

2016-02-12 47:16 74,539

Chapter 06 - The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett - There Was Some One Crying--There Was!

Chapter 6: ""There Was Some One Crying--There Was!"". Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in ...

2011-12-05 10:48 10,592

Military Lessons: The U.S. Military in the Post-Vietnam Era (1999)

The Vietnam War called into question the U.S. Army doctrine. Marine Corps General Victor H. Krulak heavily criticised Westmoreland's attrition strategy, calling it ...

2012-06-28 52:22 108,162

Week 1, continued

Linux. C. Compiling. Libraries. Types. Standard output.

2015-09-15 52:50 158,951