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RWBY Volume 5: Chapter 1 - Welcome to Haven | Rooster Teeth

Now on Kickstarter! RWBY Combat Ready: http://kck.st/2gBQ9zA Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whet

2017-10-21 22:38 1,895,124

Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber

Woven Bark Fibre I made a rough type of textile from bark fibre. This is the same tree I use for making cordage though I don't know its name. It has been raining a lot here lately (the video

2016-04-29 04:48 17,321,439

Gary Haugen: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now

Collective compassion has meant an overall decrease in global poverty since the 1980s, says civil rights lawyer Gary Haugen. Yet for all the world's aid money, there's a pervasive hidden pro

2015-04-21 22:07 209,918

DIY Makeup Hacks! Makeup Tutorial with 10 DIY Makeup Life Hacks for Beginners

DIY Makeup Hacks! This makeup tutorial life hacks video shows 10 makeup hacks for beginners. Sign up to use the same amazing music as me: http://www.epidemicsound.com/sarabeautycorner/ This.

2017-04-06 20:02 22,498,877

Tony Robbins's Top 10 Rules For Success (@TonyRobbins)

In this Tony Robbins video, we'll take a look back at some of the best footage of him out there, soaking up his advice to improve our lives and increase our success. Anthony 'Tony' Robbins..

2015-12-02 34:08 1,581,474