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It's The End Of The World

Skeeter Davis ~ The End of The World (1962)

This song by "Skeeter Davis" was released in 1962 and only reached number 18 here in the UK charts, but it done much better in the U.S,reaching number 2 on ...

2011-09-08 02:42 13,531,897

Its the end of the world by R.E.M lyrics

PLEASE READ! i could not! find one because all others are covers so i did this:D hope you enjoy it:) (i do not own this in any way. The audio and the lyrics are ...

2012-02-15 04:12 4,309,276

R.E.M - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

R.E.M., ou rapid eye movement (movimento rápido dos olhos), é a fase do sono na qual ocorrem os sonhos mais vívidos. Durante esta fase, os olhos movem-se ...

2011-09-22 04:05 63,038

The end of the World - Skeeter Davis (Fallout 4 Release)

Confirmed in Fallout 4 ...

2015-11-03 02:42 1,384,830

The End Of The World - SKEETER DAVIS - With lyrics

I ♥ Oldies The End Of The World - SKEETER DAVIS - With lyrics Sorry, there is a mistyping for 'sea'. Why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to ...

2014-04-17 02:36 4,452,733