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Nicole Frolov Mike Singer

NICOLE FROLOV & MIKE SINGER "Impossible" Shontelle-Cover prod. by Vichy Ratey

Nicole Frolov (11 years) together with Mike Singer (13 Years) covering "Impossible" from Shontelle produced by Vichy Ratey.

2014-01-14 03:06 4,946,328

Nicole Frolov & Mike Singer "Just give me a reason" [Pink Cover] prod. by Vichy Ratey

Die 10 jährige Nicole Frolov zusammen mit Mike Singer, beide von "The Voice Kids 2013" in einem Duett von Pink. Produziert von Vichy Ratey.

2013-09-01 04:08 2,500,607

Impossible (Mike Singer and Nicole Frolov) lyrics

Impossible- Covered by Mike Singer and Nicole Frolov LYRICS.

2015-04-16 02:23 24,771

All of me - John Legend Cover by NICOLE FROLOV prod. by Vichy Ratey

11 Year old Nicole performing John Legend´s " All of You " . produced by Vichy Ratey.

2014-11-02 03:29 506,259

KEANU RAPP / MIKE SINGER / LUKAS RIEGER / ABHINAV SINGH "Lips are Moving" prod. by Vichy Ratey

Four Young Boys (Members of the Voice Kids Germany) with their Cover of Meghan Trainor´s Song " Lips are Movin´"

2015-01-24 03:48 1,288,216