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Rihanna Kat Deluna

supercars(florida,sean paul,rihanna,kat deluna)

cars-ferrari,audi,chrysler,ktm,ariel,venturi,bmw,mercedes-benz. music-florida(mrs hangover,ack like you know) sean paul(midas touch) kat deluna(animal) ...

2008-10-28 10:04 2,579

Star Academy Kat Deluna

Kat Deluna performs at Star Academy in France.

2008-11-24 05:07 14,630

Right Now - Kat Deluna ft. Akon

Lyrics: [Akon] Kat DeLuna and Akon! [Kat DeLuna] Sleepless night All that I could think about was us And the way that only you know how to touch me I try to ...

2008-12-06 03:38 1,372,245

Rihanna VS Kat DeLuna - Whine Up And Drive

This is a really cool mash up, hope you like it: Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive Kat DeLuna - Whine up Download here ...

2009-03-22 03:33 26,323

Rihanna and Kat Deluna choregraphy

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2014-09-27 02:45 56