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Life is Fun - Ft. Boyinaband (Official Music)

just don't think about it too much Big thanks to Dave for making this song into a real thing ➤ https://www.youtube.com/boyinaband Behind the scene video ...

2018-07-19 04:01 44,884,273

Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

so please stop asking (some flashing colors warning) * I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a ...

2017-04-06 13:28 12,232,287

The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

Everything will end. Even the universe. But in a future so far away that it defies description, there will still be light and therefore a chance for life. It will be around ...

2017-05-04 06:29 6,764,135

How data brokers sold my identity | Madhumita Murgia | TEDxExeter

How much of our personal data is held by companies to be traded for profit? Madhumita Murgia decided to investigate and was shocked by what she found out.

2017-05-23 16:20 19,833

Lightning calculation and other "mathemagic" | Arthur Benjamin

http://www.ted.com In a lively show, mathemagician Arthur Benjamin races a team of calculators to figure out 3-digit squares, solves another massive mental ...

2008-01-09 15:15 1,455,085