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Shindler Listája

Schindler's list


2007-03-06 04:16 3,465,723

Schindler's List Soundtrack

Theme song from the movie Composer- John Williams.

2009-02-04 05:08 5,023,856

Schindler's List Soundtrack-01 Theme from Schindler's List

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2008-10-02 04:15 1,987,693

Schindler's List Violin Theme by Ann Fontanella

This is the theme from Schindler's List, the 1993 movie about the Holocaust. I modified the theme and bowings to create a sense of rising focused emotional intensity as the piece progresses.

2009-11-23 03:56 2,229,102

Schindler's List - John Williams (Violin & Piano)

The theme from Steven Spielberg's classic film 'Schindler's List', composed by John Williams for Itzhak Perlman. To see more videos and behind the scenes information, visit http://www.facebo

2016-01-03 04:41 1,729,145