Red Alert 3 - SOVIET MARCH || METAL COVER by RichaadEB

2018-05-10 11,839 154 456,139

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hippity hoppity abolish private property 〚C&C: RED ALERT 3 || SOVIET MARCH〛 → BUY THIS COVER ← 🎵 iTunes: 🎵 Google Play: 🎵 Amazon: 🎵 Spotify: ⭐BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE⭐ 🔔 Vote for GUITAR TABS and get the HIGH QUALITY / LOSSLESS VERSION of this track on my patreon! ✨SUPPORT THIS MUSIC ON PATREON✨ ❤️ → FOLLOW ME ← 🐦 TWITTER: 💬 DISCORD SERVER: 📘 FACEBOOK: 📷 INSTAGRAM: 🔖 MERCHANDISE: CREDITS: __________ Original Composition - James Hannigan Cinematography and Editing - NotRachelable Everything Else - me -Filmed and edited on location at Villainous Media- p.s. yo so as an aside: I apologize in advance for mispronouncing anything here, which I'm sure I did as I do not speak russian at all. please bear with me im just a dumb midwestern white kid that likes video games and anime. also it should go without saying but im not necessarily endorsing any political movement with this jig - it's just a dumb song from a dumb game.