Amuri: The Sacred Flavors of Sicily

2016-02-03 132 5 12,315

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Directed by Palermo-born Giacomo Costa, AMURI is a year's journey through the colorful cuisine of five religious festivals across the island. This is a Sicily rarely seen by outsiders, a Sicily where it is the bread-kneading grandmother and the village priest in the camera’s focus. AMURI is an intimate portrait of the culinary and religious traditions at the center of the Sicilian spirit, traditions that have outlasted centuries of invasion, earthquake and corruption. From the sculptural breads of Saint Joseph day in March, to the castanet-like clatter of snails cooked in Palermo for Santa Rosalia in July, the documentary takes viewers on a mouth-watering tour around Sicily. TO BE RELEASED IN SPRING 2015 A Wrong Studio and Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School Production Directed, filmed, and edited by Giacomo Costa Written by Fabrizia Lanza and Chiara Pelizzoni Produced by Erica Berry and Lena Connor Audio editing by Daniele Cutrofo Graphics by Federico Mauro