Sappy Loves Ice Cream- Undertale Comic Dub

2016-08-15 39 0 1,033

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A alternate ending to the baby bros from Corruptale sadly. Let's just this au...Gaster didn't know when to stop with his experiments...and overdosed his boys with determination...making them into Sappy (sans + pappy), an amalgamate. Luckily, they escaped but...what can they do now...? They move along similar to a snail or slug, with help of the scarf hand like appendage to also help them along. My awful dubbing before bed. My dubbing team isn't very reliable At the moment sadly and can't get ahold of them. Btw, there are them as CHILDREN. And because of this state, they won't ever grow up... yep. I'm a horrible person...😐 None of the music belongs to me. Undertale is owned by Toby fox respectively. Hope you enjoyed my awful dub. Lol