ASSAP UFO Conference 2012

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Mp3 letöltés Sacha Christie Ian Ridpath Trystan Swale Robert Moore Kevin Goodman Andy Russell Cal Cooper Questions and Answers session from the Worcester, 17 November 2012 - ASSAP Seriously Unidentified Conference Some people have asked if UFOlogy has lost its way. Are we rehashing the same old cases over and over? Is there anything new in UFOlogy or is it in decline? Come to the summit on the future of UFOlogy to hear what the expects think. Since the late 1980s ufology has seemingly been in global decline. In many parts of the world UFO sightings have exhibited a general downward trend. The occurrence of significant UFO events (once occurring with notable frequency) has dropped notably over the past 2 decades. This trend has become so significant that, in 2012, the "UFO Debate" seemingly focuses on only several (now venerable) events; most notably the Rendlesham Forest "UFO landing" and the Roswell "saucer crash". Even when reputed physical evidence surfaces it now takes novel and extreme forms; namely cattle mutilations, alien implants and "alien autopsies". In 1972 UFO crashes were unknown or disregarded; in 2012 they effectively dominate the subject. Over the past thirty years claims of classical UFO entity encounters have been largely displaced by UFO abductions often recovered via hypnosis. While UFO study has always been concerned with governmental secrecy, the subject has become significantly influenced by conspiracy theories whose implications take ufology into extreme and alarming directions. Some of these trends, most significantly the Exopolitics movement, even have the potential to redefine priorities and definitions within the subject! Some believe the "UFO debate" is effectively over -- UFOs are extra-terrestrial, with "disclosure" of their presence merely awaiting official verification. This, ironically, in the same era that other commentators have declared "the death of the UFO". Therefore, is the contemporary "UFO story" a continuation of past themes, exhibiting signs of transformation or entering its final decline and eventual death? If the subject is a living concern, why does it seemingly give the impression of decline? If changing, why is it in a process of transformation? And, if ufology IS dying, what is the cause? ASSAP's Seriously Unidentified is a 1 day UFO conference that will attempt to answer such questions by providing an overview of current (and past) trends within the subject. Come to this summit on the future of ufology and hear what the experts think -- and then make up your own mind! The conference will end with a discussion panel where speakers will give a personal assessment of contemporary ufology; members of the audience may raise points of interest and play a notable part in these proceedings. A peer reviewed overview of the topics featured in this conference will be published in Anomaly; ASSAP's main journal of record in due course (digital and hardcopy format copies being available on request to significant, interested parties).